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SELKIE Head in the Clouds Puff

SELKIE Head in the Clouds Puff

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A puff dress to inspire your imagination. Born from the incredible experience of flying, a moment in the sky, the roar of the jet engines so loud it creates its own kind of silence, strangers all around you working, sleeping, reading, children asking questions, flight attendants wheeling out carts of tiny things. Tray table down and holding your favorite book, a plastic cup filled half way with white wine, the thick window pane cold as ice as you put your fingers to it, and those serene clouds rolling by. It’s so calming, the illusion that even at 500 knots the sensation of moving slowly through the baby blue sky. Clouds swirling, calling you. Where are you heading? What do you dream of?

Please note returns/exchanges cannot be offered on Selkie pieces.

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