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SELKIE Baby Blue Toile Puff Dress

SELKIE Baby Blue Toile Puff Dress

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A walk through the Rococo exhibit at the Getty center will leave you breathless and inspired, as if you've just had a private conversation with some of the most influential Royals of history. The whole place explodes with gilded details, giant portraits and glossy oak furnishings. Most inspiring, though are the linens; incredible beds draped in toile canopies and matching duvets. 

The Babydoll Toile print is a nod to this era, a bed-becoming-a-dress. Maybe you're not going to the Met Ball any time soon, but you can certainly wear it to the Met Museum instead and snap some pics looking like art amongst the art. Put on sunglasses for the ultimate modern effect. 

 The word “toile” comes from the French word for linen cloth. The word is shortened from the full name toile de Jouy, which means linen or cloth from the town of Jouy-en-Josas, in the suburbs of Paris. Toile de Jouy was a specific type of linen printed with romantic, pastoral patterns in a single color—usually black, blue, or red—on an unbleached fabric. To spin it and print it on organza felt modern and a touch more femme.

Although the word toile means fabric, the word toile has evolved to also refer to the original design aesthetic of the fabric. Toile designs are popular for non-fabric items like wallpaper and fine china.

Toile also refers to a test garment pattern makers and designers use to perfect a new design.

PLEASE BUY SIZE BASED ONLY ON YOUR BUST MEASUREMENTS, often people are a size under or above what they normally think they wear. Please measure around your chest and under your breasts to find which size to order. If you’re in between sizes order a size down. 

Please note returns/exchanges cannot be offered on Selkie pieces.

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